Brazilian Government Grants Approval of the HairMax LaserCombR as a Home-Use Laser Medical Device to Promote Hair Growth and Treat Hair Loss 09/18/2008


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HairMax LaserComb is a breakthrough in hair regrowth, hair care and hair science. Both FDA & Health Canada approve its claim to promote hair growth. Results can be achieved in as little as twelve weeks.

We are proud to introduce the NEW HairMax LaserComb, including model Lux 9 with 9 laser beams and professional model with 12 laser beams, which now incorporates an updated, modern, and innovative design with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The new HairMax LaserComb utilizes the same laser diode system as the original HairMax Premium. It has a user-friendly, sleeker look, and most importantly incorporates a cordelss option that allows you to use the device anywhere. You can now simply store your HiarMax in the charging station provided when not in use and the device will be ready to exert its positive effects at any time, anywhere.

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