HairMax LaserComb cleared for Prevention of Hair Loss and Stimulation of Hair Regrowth in Men and Women by Health Canada January 14, 2003
New Arrival !!
New Arrival !!


If you have thinning hair or balding areas, there is now an instant solution. It's not a spray, cream or cover-up. In fact, it's so scientifically advanced that it is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Using the custom container, you simply shake Toppik over your thin areas. These organic keratin protein fibers have the same organic makeup as your own hair. So they naturally intertwine with your own hair to make it look thick and full in less than 30 seconds.

You'll be amazed how Toppik transforms your thin, colorless "vellus" hairs. Suddenly, this "peach fuzz" becomes thick and full before your eyes. Even your thinnest areas become thick and full before your eyes.
Toppik will never embarrass you. Toppik fibers look natural and cannot be detected no matter how close you look. They'll never run, smear or stain, and are proven to withstand wind, rain, and even perspiration. They'll stay in place all day and night until you shampoo them out.

Toppik is totally compatible with hair growth drugs like Minoxidil and Propecia. It's great for both men and women. From the very first application, people will admire the difference your fuller head of hair makes. New acquaintances will never suspect that you ever had a hair loss problem. Toppik will change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror.